Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Pre-paid Funeral Plans not only make financial sense they relieve your grieved family from unnecessary stress.

Planning your funeral may be important to you for several reasons whether being financial, family related or in connection with your beliefs. 

A pre-paid funeral plan gives you the flexibility to choose from several plan options to suit requirements, making affordable payments toward your funeral, choosing your funeral director upfront and indicate your funeral wishes in as much detail or requirements as you decide. Other benefits include the transferability of your plan to a close family member if they die without having a funeral plan, for instance.

Apart from releasing the financial burden from your family and freeze the rising costs of funerals at current rates,  having your funeral plan set up in advance will also give you peace of mind that your family will not have the additional distress of arranging your funeral at a time of grief, and they can concentrate on their eulogy or  taking  care of those family members most in need such as children and vulnerable adults. 

Having a pre-paid funeral plan can also deter potential family disagreements since the funeral director will take care of all the funeral arrangements according to the wishes you set in your plan. Additionally, your family will have immediate access to a   professional funeral officer they can consult for any support and advice needed in connection with the funeral. 

The arrangement of your funeral will be a  phone call away from your family to your chosen funeral director… yes, it is  that simple.